Welcome to the frontier


No-one thinks too much of Tribulation, New Mexico. It’s a town a few days southeast of Albuquerque, in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca Mountains. The local industries are copper, timber and cattle; there’s the railway station on one side of town and the Pecos River on the other.
Sure, Tribulation has bandits and owlhoots, rustlers and criminals, Indian tribes and local lawmen, stories of ghosts and monsters and lights in the sky. You get that everywhere. It ain’t no different to anywhere else. Or so people think.

People are wrong.

Strange times a’comin’

A powerful group of psychics plans to take over America. An ancient temple of crusaders prepares for their final battle. An Indian tribe safeguards an impossible source of power.

Time is out of joint.

And four men will make the difference.

Tribulation: A Weird West/Smallvile mash-up campaign


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