A gambler and gunslinger with incredible luck and a dark past



  • Duty d6: I won’t be told what to do
  • Glory d4: I’m already one of the world’s best
  • Justice d6: I’m happy to help those worse off than me
  • Love d10: I’m a lover, not a fighter
  • Power d4: I just take what I need and no more
  • Truth d12: I’m through with being surrounded by secrets


Marksman d10

  • Earn a Plot Point when you choose to run out of ammunition
  • Add a d6 to Trouble to shoot the weapon out of an opponent’s hand

Know When to Fold ‘em d6

  • Spend a Plot Point to reroll a die in a Know When to Fold ‘em roll

Right Place, Right Time d4

  • Add a d6 to Trouble to join a scene you weren’t in

Lucky d10 (Limit: Curses)

  • Spend a Plot Point to force your opponent to reroll the highest die in a Test or Contest


  • Whores of Tribulation 2d4 (Rumours, Socialising)
  • The Carnivale 2d6 (History, Mysterious)

Cruz remembers little of his life before he joined the Carnivale as a boy. He lived with them for ten years, befriending Grundy and the Super-Chief and having an uneasy relationship with Dr Caligari.

Fancy joined the Carnivale when Cruz was 18 and the two of them fell in love. When Fancy was apparently killed, Cruz fled the Carnivale. He spent the next ten years wandering the west, learning the ways of the gun and the deck, before coming to Tribulation and becoming embroiled in strange goings-on.


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