Sheriff of Tribulation and immortal wanderer



  • Duty d10: Only by surrendering to a cause do we become truly free
  • Glory d4: A man’s legend’ll weather the wind poorer than stone
  • Justice d10: By gentle words ’r lead, God’s justice will be done
  • Love d6: We’re nothing without our fellow man
  • Power d8: A man’s gotta be able to back his words with steel
  • Truth d4: Facts and the real truth often part at a fork in the trail


  • Glend is a pillar of the community d4
  • Emmett is a danger to himself and maybe others d8
  • Cruz reminds me of myself in my worst moments d8
  • Sarah is a sorely stubborn example of the Modern Woman d6

Humble d4

  • Give your opponent a d6 to reroll a die in a Humble roll

Immortal d8 (Heritage, Limit: Pride)

  • Earn a Plot Point when you accidentally reveal too much of your immortal origins to someone who shouldn’t know
  • Spend a Plot Point and add d6 to Trouble to use a Special Effect

Quick-handed d8 (Limit: Soldier’s Reflexes)

  • Spend a Plot Point to snatch bullets out of the air before they hit


  • Ghost of Samuel Colt 2d8 (The Supernatural, Humility)
  • Temple of Solomon 2d6 (Ancient, Hidden)
  • ‘Remnants of the Confederacy’ saloon 2d4 (Brawls, Contacts)

The man called Elijah was recruited by the Temple of Solomon in the 12th century. The power of the Ark of the Covenant made him immortal, and he spent centuries hunting monsters as one of the Knights Templar.

At some point Elijah fell from grace and left the Temple, following a dark path until encountering the ghost of Samuel Colt. The ghost showed Elijah the way to redemption and led him to Tribulation to face the events unfolding there.


Tribulation artbroken KevinJPowe