A cantankerous inventor with connections to another place and time



  • Duty d6: There are rules and I should follow them
  • Glory d6: I should stay in the background
  • Justice d6: I know how things should be
  • Love d6: Emotions make you vulnerable, but keep you human
  • Power d6: I’ll do what it takes to find what I’m after
  • Truth d12: We only fear what we do not understand


Genius d8

  • Spend a Plot Point to reveal that you’ve studied a subject and know its basics
  • Earn a Plot Point and add a d6 to Trouble when you assume others can’t follow your complicated thinking

Inventor d4

  • Spend a Plot Point to reveal information about a train or other non-unique piece of machinery

Bartitsu d6

  • Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Injured or Exhausted Stress pool against you

Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension d6 (Heritage, Limit: Great age)

  • Spend a Plot Point and add d6 to Trouble to use a Special Effect

Fob-watch Device d6 (Limit: Gear)

  • Spend a Plot Point to join a scene or switch to a new scene


  • Ares 2d8 (Compassion, Protection)
  • The Box 2d4 (Time, Hidden)
  • Somewhere in Time and Space 2d8 (Inspiration, Mystery)

Emmett has no clear memory of his history before setting up shop as a clockmaker in Tribulation. He knows only that he is very old, that he has forgotten much, and that the Box is connected to him in some important fashion.


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