Glend Hooks

Bank manager and psychic operative of the Agency



  • Duty d8: The instructions of the Agency are my duty to execute
  • Glory d4: I do what I do for a purpose that is higher than me
  • Justice d6: My sense of honour is not incompatible with the Agency’s goals
  • Love d4: Serving the Agency gives me purpose
  • Power d12: It is my duty to maintain power in order to exercise control
  • Truth d8: Information is truth, but subverting the truth can be a weapon


  • Emmett seems like a valuable resource d4
  • Elijah is a potential threat to Agency operations d8
  • Delian’s son Cruz is a threat to Agency operations d6
  • Delian Sisula is like a father to me d8

Sneaky d6

  • Spend a Plot Point to reveal that you’ve palmed a small object from a previous scene

Mastermind d6

  • Spend a Plot Point to reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality

Psychic d6 (Heritage, Limit: Feedback)

  • Spend a Plot Point and add d6 to Trouble to use a Special Effect

Mind Control d4 (Limit: Auditory)

  • Spend a Plot Point to insert a post-hypnotic suggestion in a listener

Spyders d6 (Limit: Gear)

  • Spend a Plot Point to hear or see what’s happening in a scene the spyders are monitoring

Diamond Derringer d4 (Limit: Gear)

  • Spend a Plot Point to create an exploding ball of energy that inflicts Injured or Exhausted Stress on everyone in a scene


  • Bartender Remus Guldugger 2d6 (Intimidation, Poison)
  • 1st Bank of Tribulation 2d8 (Money, Public)
  • Abandoned Orphanage 2d6 (History, Isolated)

Glend grew up in the Tribulation orphanage many years ago. When it burned down, he was taken under Delian Sisula’s wing and trained to be the businessman’s right-hand man. Over time his psychic gifts began to emerge and he joined the newly-formed Agency.

Delian sent Glend back to Tribulation to take over his local business interests and to prepare for something important involving the Agency and all psychics.

Glend Hooks

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