The Box

An old, ornate chest filled with strange crystals


The Box is a large, ornate chest that is said to be very old, although it is decorated in a modern (if unusual) style.

The Temple of Solomon believe that the Box is the Ark of the Covenant, created by King Solomon more than two thousand years ago. It was later found by Charlemagne, who filled it with blue crystals that had supernatural properties. The Ark was then passed down to the Temple, who used the crystals to gift their Knights Templar with mystical powers.

The Ark was stolen from the Temple in 1855 by Samuel Colt, who took it to America. He referred to it as ‘The Box’ and began developing inventions that used the power of the crystals. When the temple finally tracked him down, Colt died of an apparent heart attack while being questioned by Fancy. Delian Sisula stole the Box as Fancy fled and it’s now in his possession. The crystals inside have turned a sickly green; Delian uses them to power the Agency’s advanced inventions.

Emmett has a strange connection with the Box and believes that he is its rightful owner. However, he cannot yet explain what it is or how he could possess something so old.

The Box

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