The Carnivale

The Carnivale is a travelling sideshow, circus and freakshow that has been touring America for more than twenty years.

CarnivaleThe ringmaster and manager of the Carnivale is Dr Caligari. He originally owned the Carnivale as well, but sold it to Delian Sisula about fifteen years ago. Since that time the Carnivale has also had a mission to seek out psychics to join Delian’s Agency.

A number of its attractions and freaks have unusual gifts or abilities, or at least claim to have such. They include:

Grundy was a roustabout at the Carnivale who somehow gained the power of invisibility and went mad as a result, murdering women before being shot by Elijah.

Cruz grew up in the Carnivale, where he befriended both Grundy and the Super-Chief. Fancy also joined the Carnivale for a time and the two of them became a couple. Cruz fled the Carnivale after it appeared Fancy had been murdered.

The Carnivale

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