The Miagani

MiaganiThe Miagani are a small tribe of Apache Indians that live in the Sierra Blanca Mountains near Tribulation. The tribe are generally peaceful and keep to themselves; their contact with the people of Tribulation is very limited.

However, there have been clashes with them in the past, most notably during the period when the region was a disputed territory between Colorado and Texas. In 1859, local businessman Delian Sisula argued that the Miagani were a danger to Fort Tribulation and that the Texan Army should attack the Indians, but his campaign failed.

Old wives’ tales say that the Miagani guard some kind of treasure in the Mountains, but no-one knows what it is.

A few members of the Miagani seem to decorate their bodies with strange blue crystals, and these men and women appear to possess unusual abilities. They include Tala Pack-Sister and Saganowahna, who is called the Apache Super-Chief by the ringmaster of the Carnivale.

The Miagani

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