The Agency

AgencyThe Agency is a secret organisation of psychics and those with psychic potential. It has members across America, who use their gifts and the organisation’s support to assume positions of wealth and power. It is led by Delian Sisula.

The Agency also controls the Carnivale and uses the travelling sideshow to find and recruit other psychics and gifted individuals.

To complement the psychic abilities of its members, the Agency also has access to unusual inventions and devices, such as those used by Glend Hooks. These devices are powered by green crystals that Delian stores in ‘The Box’, a large antique cabinet rumoured to be the original Ark of the Covenant, which he stole from Samuel Colt (who has stolen it from the Temple of Solomon). Emmett also claims to have a connection with ‘The Box’.

Sisula has great plans for the Agency that somehow centre around Tribulation and a treasure in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, one guarded by the Miagani Indians.

The Agency

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