The Temple of Solomon

TempleThe Temple of Solomon, also known as the Knights Templar, is an ancient and secret order of monster-hunters and supernatural crusaders. Founded in the 12th century, it claims a line of descent back to Charlemagne and even to the original King Solomon. While the Knights were thought to have disbanded in the 14th century, they have carried on their mission in secret from that time, driven by a mission to fight evil magic and a prophecy that says a Final Battle is coming.

The Knights Templar drew upon a supernatural source of power – the Ark of the Covenant, which contained mysterious blue crystals. The Temple used the power of the crystals to imbue Templars such as Elijah with mystical strength, speed, senses and endurance, even to the point of immortality. Crystals were also used to create relics, weapons and other supernatural tools.

The Ark was stolen from the Temple in 1855, and the organisation’s strength has faltered greatly since that time. Knowing the Ark was in the Americas, they sent their few remaining agents to search for it and recruited a small number of locals to assist.

Fancy (a Temple agent but not a true Templar) tracked the Ark to Samuel Colt in 1870 when she was travelling with the Carnivale. When she confronted him, Colt died of a seeming heart attack, and Delian Sisula stole the Ark yet again.

Now greatly reduced in power, the Temple of Solomon now waits for the Final Battle, which its prophecy says will involve a figure called the ‘Prometheus of Clocks’. The Temple’s sages believe that Emmett may be connected to this figure and that the Battle may take place in Tribulation.

The Temple of Solomon

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